Sep 012010

Stand in front of full length mirror and look at your body very critically. Does it look the way you want it to look? Does it have excess pockets of fat? Lifting weights is one of the most effective methods to create a new look and get rid of excess fat.

Lifting weights has an advantage over other forms of exercise. Lifting creates new muscle. Muscle gains increase metabolism and fat burning capacity. A faster metabolism and increased fat burning ability leads to faster, more permanent fat loss.

Notice it says burn fat, lose fat, not necessarily lose weight. Losing weight should never be your goal, changing your appearance and reducing your body fat percentage should be your goal. Why is this such an important distinction? Because when you gain 10 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat at the same time you have made a dramatic change in your body shape but lost zero pounds. As an easy example, a 200 pound man who is starting with a 20 percent body fat percentage has 40 pounds of fat on his body. Now after losing 10 pounds of fat and replacing it with 10 pounds of muscle he has a 15% body fat percentage. He may have lost 2 or more inches off his waist, and inches off of other portions of his body while losing no weight.

There is another important distinction you need to understand. Building muscle by lifting weight changes your appearance in other ways, too. Your shoulders become wider, your arms larger, your legs get firmer. When you lose weight without exercise you get smaller, but retain the same basic shape. Have you ever seen a man or woman lose 20 pounds and simply look like a smaller version of their fat body? The same person having lost 20 pounds while exercising would look much different. Their body changes shape and improves in appearance.

Now the best news about lifting weights to change your body. To lose weight without resistance training or exercise is much harder than with proper training. Your body is very effective at adapting to changes in food intake. It learns to slow down and hold onto fat. When you exercise, especially increasing muscle, your metabolism becomes faster. You lose weight easily, often without changing your food intake much at all.

The most amazing fact of lifting weights to change your body is this, you can gain weight and become lean. By increasing muscle you can go from 200 pounds at 20 percent body fat to 220 pounds at 10 percent body fat. This kind of change is a body transformation you may have a hard time imagining. Your body goes from fat, to lean, large, powerful, and ripped.

Lifting weights is the way to the best looking body possible. It spurs loss of fat and an increase in metabolism. It changes the shape and appearance of our body faster than any other method. It is the way to create the body you have always dreamed of having.

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