May 272010

How many muscle building programs have you checked into? Are you reading magazine after magazine, article after article, looking for the magical combination to start growing massive muscles? Here is the answer you have been looking for, the one which is going to tell you exactly which program to follow.

The answer to this question is probably going to both frustrate you, and excite you. The best muscle building programs are the ones you put into action. Here is what you need to do. Take your stack of magazines, or grab the best guide you can find, and then put everything else away. Stop reading, and start pounding. Massive muscles requires two things.

To get massive muscles you must take MASSIVE ACTION. You need to push your muscles like you have never done before. Working out to uncomfortable is not good enough. Lifting to failure is required. You must overload the muscles to spur more growth. It is not the perfect set of weight lifting exercises which give you the growth, it is your commitment to stress your body to the maximum in the program. Take massive action and you will see massive growth.

The second thing you must do to grow massive muscles is to consume MASSIVE NUTRITION. You can pound your muscles, but if you are not giving them the right nutrition they are not going to grow. Once again, it is not a matter of choosing the perfect eating pattern, or the best supplements, you must start with the nutrition and muscle building programs you are actually going to put into action. If you are just going to read the material, go about it half heartedly, you are going to see only minor gains, or possibly no gains. When you commit completely to a program you are going to see gains, and almost always rapid gains.

The one thing you may want to focus on when you are seeking massive gains is to simplify your entire process. Go with basic exercises like the bench press, squats, barbell rows, dead lifts, curls, and tricep extensions. When you stick to the basics and focus your efforts you are more likely to take that critical step which makes or breaks your workout, MASSIVE EFFORT.

The guys you see in the gym with huge muscles, the champions in bodybuilding, the top athletes in schools, all have these basic items in common. They do not worry about the perfect muscle building programs, they focus on taking massive action, they apply maximum and massive effort, and they consume the proper massive nutrition. While their programs might not be perfect, they know action is more important than any other part of a program. Are you ready for those bigs gains you have always dreamed about? Then start taking massive action, adjust gradually as you learn more about your body, and get the proper nutrition through food and supplements. You are going to make changes in your body fast.

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