May 272010

Do you want to know the number one enemy of a fat body? Hopefully you did not say a healthy diet. Becoming a muscle gainer is the number one enemy to fat. A great diet helps, but without muscle the battle is extremely hard. A strong muscular body is what you really want, one filled with power, energy, and sexual drive.

Here is the reason you must become a muscle gainer instead of staying just at your normal level of muscle. Muscle burns fat. Muscle is what transforms the appearance of your body. Muscle is sexy. Muscle is powerful.

Contrast this with maintaining your current level of muscle and losing fat. You will need to battle with a diet to starve the fat off of your body, along with intensive aerobic exercise. If you succeed you must maintain a lower calorie diet because you do not have the fat burning engine of muscle. Your body will probably appear to be a smaller version of your fat shape. You will probably become weaker, since when you are dieting without building muscle you are likely to lose muscle.

Now, imagine yourself in the gym. You are hitting the weights, your arms are getting bigger, your legs are powerful, your chest pops out powerfully with every bench press. The fat which was on your body has been burned off with your combination of powerful weight training and some aerobic exercise. As you walk across the floor people watch the way you move, and are talking about your transformation. This is the life of a muscle gainer. You are not another of the normal people in the gym any more. You are one of the people with the impressive athletic bodies.

This type of change is not limited to men in their teens and twenties. This type of transition is possible for men in their thirties, forties, fifties, and beyond. The only real difference with age is the time it will take, and you may need to supplement your diet differently. There are stories from all age ranges of men who have transformed their bodies at all ages, going from fat and flabby to powerful and muscular. Being a muscle gainer is not magic, it is a choice. A choice to work a little harder than the average person. A choice to feed you body in a different way to maximize the potential. A choice to be the powerful person you really want to be.

Have you avoided moving from the aerobics machines over to the racks of weights because you see those powerful guys over there and feel intimidated? They were you before. They will welcome you into their group, and will give you advice to help you accelerate becoming a muscle gainer. Get over there and learn what these guys already know. Having a strong powerful body creates confidence, pride, and enhanced ability. You will love being physically powerful and ready for any adventure. It is your choice, do you really want to keep living as a fat retainer, or are you ready to build muscle?

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