May 272010

Have you seen those giant muscles on some bodybuilders? You keep wondering how they managed to get so huge. Sometimes the answer is through supplements which push the edge of legality, and safety. Natural body building is the art of creating a great, muscular, and powerful body only using natural substances, and your own natural effort.

When you commit to natural body building you may be choosing to not become quite as massive, but you are making a commitment to long term health. The compounds, solutions, and drugs used by some athletes destroy their bodies. They are risking their long term health.

The second thing you guarantee yourself if you choose to compete in natural bodybuilding competitions is you will face testing. This should come as a huge relief. Think about the implications of that statement. Instead of competing against men who are willing to risk their lives, who may be throwing away thousands of dollars per year, and have created artificial bodies, you are competing against an even playing field.

Suddenly your intense workouts, your attention to eating the proper foods, and only selecting natural supplements has a chance to payoff. Your body is not being judged against an unreachable level, but against people who have struggled to gain mass, build definition, and to get ripped just like you. Now the competition is about commitment to workouts, genetic advantages, and focus to details of diet and lifestyle.

Which direction should you choose? For most men and women natural body building is the best choice. You can save tremendous amounts of money. You can workout and be proud of every ounce of new muscle you gain. You never have to worry about a job interview and the accompanying drug tests. You are living the ultimate life of a natural man or woman. You are strong, fit, powerful, and more importantly, healthy.

Natural bodybuilders may not receive as much attention or win as large of prizes, but they should receive even more respect. They have done something amazing with their bodies. They are the true body sculptors of the sports world.

Does natural body building mean no supplementation? No, it means only supplementing with natural items. A 100% whey or egg based protein supplement is perfectly acceptable, and would be a great investment in improving your body. Items like HGH and Steroids would need to be avoided like the plague. If you are wise, you are already avoiding them.

As you have seen in the news in recent years it not just medications you might expect which can get you in trouble. Over the counter diet pills, certain allergy medications, anti-inflammatory medications and other items may contain restricted substances. When you visit your doctor you will need to tell him about your sport, and the restrictions so he can prescribe medications properly for you.

Natural body building is the best choice for your life. It can be continued throughout your life without risking your health or life. Using many muscle building substances to enhance your body can be extremely dangerous, choose to stay all natural.

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  1. The information published in regards to natural body building brings a smile to my face and gives me hope, however the truth is half the guys at my gym and majority of my friends use illegal substances a few times or regularly and recive massive gains towards there goals of building muscel or getting lean, I look healthy and fit, or like an athlete, I am told, they look like body builders because the public perceives there shape as the shape of a bodybuilder when they are easily mistaken for a steroid user, I continue to train as hard as I can and as frequent as I can but as the years go on society doesnt recognize my body shape as some who would frequently work out I just simply look athletic and healthy.

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