May 272010

Which is more important pumping iron, or pumping the proper nutrition for bodybuilding into your system? Whichever answer you chose, you were wrong. The proper answer is they are both useless without the other. You can pump iron until you are blue in the face and not get great growth. You can eat all the right foods, take the best supplements, and never gain an inch of muscle. Only when those two ingredients are considered as an integrated pair will you find true success in bodybuilding.

The biggest difference between bodybuilders who get massive gains and the ones who only get modest gains is intensity. Intensity in both their workouts, and in their nutrition. They do not take either side of this equation as insignificant. When they are in the gym, they show great focus, hit the weights hard, and strive to set a new personal best daily in every exercise. When they sit down to eat, they seek to feed their muscles every gram of protein, the proper amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients they need for rapid recovery and growth.

What do these bodybuilders eat? Each one of them will have slightly different answers to this question, but there are some core similarities. The first thing you must have for massive growth is plenty of protein. Without this building block you are wasting your time. Combine a wide range of protein into your diet. Eggs, chicken, milk, yogurt, fish, and beef all play important roles in your diet. They all offer unique kinds of proteins and amino acids to aid in your muscle growth. When you choose to use supplements to help you reach your protein needs choose to keep a couple different kinds on hand. By keeping a supplement based on egg proteins, and one based on whey proteins available you can vary the speed of digestion of your protein supplement. Aim to get a minimum of 1 gram of protein per body pound, possibly pushing towards 1.5 gram per body pound.

Protein is not the only type of food you need. Your muscles need energy to make your workouts productive. Energy comes from carbohydrates. Eating complex carbs at each meal is important. Whole grain breads, pastas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and many other carb rich foods can help give your muscles the stored energy they need during your workout.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are critical in your diet. They provide energy, vitamins, and fiber in your diet. They help make sure all of your other foods are able to metabolized properly. Without a well balanced diet you will not maintain your highest levels of energy and health.

Plan on eating 6 meals per day. Eat a good balance of all the food groups to give your body the nutrition, energy and protein it needs.

Supplements can play an important part in nutrition for bodybuilding. Adding supplements like creatine, nitric oxide, proteins, natural testosterone boosters, and other amino acid supplements can help give you a complete nutritional profile aiding in faster muscle growth and quick recovery. The one thing often overlooked is the importance of water. If you are not drinking a gallon of water per day, your body is not in peak condition. Your body needs plenty of water to process all of these nutrients and to help fuel muscle growth. With proper nutrition and intense workouts your body is going to grow at the fastest speed possible.

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