Jul 062010

Standing in the sporting goods store you see jogging clothes, bicycle shorts, weight lifting attire, and aerobics outfits. No where you look can you find Pilates clothes. Exactly what kind of clothes should you wear, and what should you avoid for your Pilates class?

The first thing you will hear from almost every Piliates instructor is to wear clothes which are comfortable to move in. You choose to buy some nice baggy exercise pants, and a loose fitting shirt to go along with it, and the next workout is a complete disaster. Every stretch, every movement, your baggy clothes get in the way. They should have made it clear to wear clothes which are comfortable to move in, and stay out of the way.

There are two categories of clothes which often work great for your Pilates workout. Aerobics outfits and Yoga outfits both work exceptionally well for Pilates, but not necessarily for every woman. This is where it becomes an issue with your comfort. Some women and men prefer the more relaxed flowing feel of Yoga outfit, while other prefer the snugger fit of most aerobics clothing. The only way you will know for sure is to try one, and see how it feels in your workout.

There are a few things you must avoid in picking clothes. Think about the zippers, snaps, buttons, and ties on the clothes. Are they going to be in positions which will be under your body in your Pilates movements. Pilates clothes which put a lump under your body are not going to feel comfortable and will keep you from keeping your mind focused on your exercise.

The second major item you will want to consider is how the clothes move, and what they reveal in their movement. This may seem to be only a woman’s concern, but gentlemen, pants which do not move properly with your body and stay in place have tendency to expose the dreaded plumber’s crack. This can be embarrassing not only for you, but for everyone in the class. Women, low cut tops should be avoided. They may work great in an aerobics class, but when you stretch out, extending your arms over your head in a arched position, low cut tops have a tendency to allow a little more exposure than you intended. Test your apparel before coming to class.

The best Pilates clothes are going to be closely fitting, but not snug tops and bottoms. You want the clothes to move freely, but to not have excess fabric flopping around. You want to make sure the clothes stay in place during all kinds of stretching an movement. Fabrics with a high amount of natural fibers are often the most comfortable, but a blended material will have a little stretch. The most important part of your Pilates clothes is not the appearance, it is your comfort in participation. Always choose your clothes for comfort and movement, and you will have made the right choice.

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