Jul 062010

Many exercise programs become almost impossible while you are pregnant. You probably are not going to want to be doing a Tae Bo class with the high impact, flying arms, and kicking legs surrounding you. You are not going to want to be pounding your body in a high impact aerobics class. Pilates during pregnancy is both safe, and highly beneficial.

Pilates targets creating a strong core, and a greatly balanced body. During delivery and after delivery your body needs a strong core to do the work and for the fastest possible recovery. Pilates exercise is virtually impact free, and the amount of effort and stress can be varied easily depending on the progress of your pregnancy.

If you have not been participating in Pilates already, take time to visit with your obstetrician on your next visit before beginning a Pilates class. While Pilates during pregnancy is very safe, it is a good idea to discuss the fact your are pregnant with your Pilates instructor before starting the class. They may choose to vary your routine and give you a little more attention knowing about your condition. This is especially true if you have not started showing much. Obviously if your pregnancy is very advanced the instructor will know immediately.

When doing Pilates while you are pregnant you must take a little more caution and care with your movements. Make sure you pay very close attention to your own body and what you are feeling. Movements which were easy before may become difficult or nearly impossible during your pregnancy. Do not worry about these minor changes, just adjust your workout and do the movements and stretches you can complete.

The most important thing about exercise or Pilate during pregnancy is to keep it up. Exercise during pregnancy is a great way to ease your delivery and increase the speed of your recovery after your baby is born. You will have more energy for taking care of your baby. Your body will quickly bounce back to your pre-pregnancy size and weight. Almost every Doctor highly recommends continuing exercise during pregnancy, as long as you are cautious.

There is one added challenge of doing Pilates during pregnancy. You will probably need to buy new exercise clothes a couple of times to match your changing sizes. You may have a little difficulty finding exercise clothes you love for the later trimesters of pregnancy, but do not become too concerned. For those few months you can wear over-sized sweats or running clothes. You can find some aerobics outfits which are sized for pregnant women, too. Shopping for a few new outfits will just be part of the fun of continuing your exercise during pregnancy. If you have delivered a baby previously without continuing to exercise, you will be pleasantly surprised with the difference. Your labor will be easier, your recovery between contractions will be faster, and the real magic happens after the delivery. Your body will spring back to full energy with surprising ease.

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