Jul 062010

Are you considering getting started with Pilates exercise? Choosing the right Pilates lessons can make a big difference on whether you love Pilates, or whether it just becomes another exercise program you drop in just a few weeks.

One of the biggest temptations when choosing to start Pilates is to go buy a book and trying to follow the directions in the book. The book can be great, and very complete, but trying to go through the proper movements, understanding the stretches, and getting the breathing right is difficult when all you have is the written word and static pictures.

The next idea which crosses many people’s minds is to grab a video of Pilates lessons. The video is definitely much better than a book. The video will let you see the motions being performed properly. You will hear the instructors directions and see great examples of breathing techniques. You will get a much better idea of how everything is performed if you see it in motion. While this is much better than a book it leaves one major component out of your learning process. You will not be getting any feedback on your performance of the techniques. You may feel like you are assuming the pose properly, but you cannot really be sure.

The best way to get started is to attend a beginner’s Pilates class. When you are in a class of beginners along with an instructor who is prepared to slowly step through proper form, stretching, and breathing, you will get the very best training possible, plus you are able to ask questions and get answers. When you are surrounded by other students you get the benefit of the questions they ask, and the shared challenges. You get to see how other people make mistakes, and watch as the instructor corrects them. This helps you learn to notice your own errors and make proper adjustments. If you are making mistakes the instructor will notice and come over and give you proper instructions.

You may choose after a few weeks of classes you prefer to exercise at home. This is the perfect time to switch to using a DVD of Pilates lessons. You will have the experience of the instructions from your instructor, have been practicing proper breathing, and now the DVD video lessons will make perfect sense. Instead of becoming frustrated with your lessons you will have greater success, and you will have great fun practicing the techniques you see in the DVD.

Pilates lessons are great fun, but you must start off the right way. You do not want to get stuck not understanding and losing interest. Once you have a firm understanding of the movements and techniques you can choose whether you want to remain in a class, or take your Pilates training home. Even if you started out believing you wanted to exercise at home, you will probably discover you love the classes and having an instructor. You may discover using both a DVD and classes is the perfect combination to take care of your needs.

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