Jul 062010

Have you ever started in an exercise program only to become terrifically bored in a few weeks? A Pilates workout never needs to be boring. With the wide variety of movements, equipment, and the focus required, Pilates will keep you excited for each upcoming workout. You will be challenged at each workout, since it is a progressive exercise, which allows you to always seek more core strength, better range of motion, and more mental clarity.

If you have been in a gym and watched a Pilates class you may be thinking why wouldn’t it become boring. You watch the classes movements, stretching out, arching, and holding positions. The portion you are missing from outside the class is the mental focus required during these routines. You are focusing on small groups of muscles, proper body alignment, breathing properly, and if you are smart focusing on your thoughts themselves.

When you get your mind completely involved on the techniques of a routine the class becomes interesting. Focusing on breathing deeply using lateral breathing, or deep diaphragmatic breathing takes mental work along with physical work. With the slower controlled movements you get the opportunity to focus your mind upon the goals you are attempting to achieve, or even to drop into a more meditative state similar to Yoga to allow your troubles to wash away.

As you stand at the window watching the class workout you are missing the amount of physical effort these movements actually take. Go home and try to get down on the floor and perform some of those movements you have observed. Many of the students in a class can make the movements look easy. They have trained their bodies and minds to move into their Pilates workout positions with ease and grace. They hold the positions flawlessly, and are developing strong core muscles. When you attempt these movements you will probably discover holding them for even a second or two may feel difficult. Imagine flowing through the routine you have seen in their class.

Now start considering the fact there are hundreds of movements, different pieces of equipment, mat workouts, ball routines, and the use of reformers. With the wide variety of movements, and methods in Pilates it is virtually impossible to get bored, or to be able to quit progressing.

Ask a few of the veterans of a Pilates class how often they get a back ache, headache, or joint pain. They are going to look at you like those are foreign concepts. A Pilates workout not only stimulates your interest and your body, it creates a powerful, flexible, and capable body which avoids injury and pain.

If you have been experiencing boredom with your current workout routine, or keep battling little injuries, it is time to change and try a Pilates workout. You are going to discover how different Pilates really is from other exercise programs. Your body is going to change, and soon you will be another one of the Pilates converts.

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