Sep 012010

Do you want to walk into any room and feel confident you are the strongest person in the room? A powerlifter has this feeling on a regular basis. They train to be strong, not on an average scale, but on an amazing level never experienced by most people. Powerlifting is the method to the strongest body possible.

Competitive powerlifting consists of three basic lifts, the bench press, the squat, and the dead lift. These lifts are the focus of workouts and competition. The sport is a very specialized sport which produces amazing power in the the arms, chest, lower back, legs, and buttocks.

To give you an idea of the power generated by top athletes in the sport may shock you. Can you imagine a 114 pound man being able to lift over 1200 pounds combined in these 3 lifts? Chuck Dunbar accomplished the amazing feat, making him one of the strongest men in any room, even though he is small in stature.

What about an average sized man of around 180 pounds? Can you visualize over one ton of weight being moved? Gene Bell lifted over 2100 pounds spread across the three lifts. The power generated by a man of average size is truly amazing.

When you throw the doors wide open to any size of man the weights climb even higher with Brian Siders having lifted over 2550 pounds. This level of power would be unmatched by anyone in any room.

If you want to become amazingly strong like competitive powerlifters your training cycle is going to be very different. You will be focusing most of your effort on these three lifts. Most powerlifters train approximately 4 days per week focusing on upper body two days and lower body the other two days.

A common training program will have them lifting near maximum weights one day on their upper body working with weights at 80 to 100 percent of their maximum capacity. They hit the muscles hard to require great adaptation for strength. Their number of reps in a set is extremely low, commonly 1 to 5 reps. You will train your lower body the same way, one day per week reserved for maximum power.

The other day of training for each body area will use lighter weights, more complex movements, higher speed, and more repetitions. This day is focused on increasing explosiveness and supporting muscles. You cannot overload the muscles with maximum effort more than once per week and expect to give them time to repair and grow in strength.

Powerlifting is definitely not a sport everyone will wish to embrace, but if your dream is to be the strongest man in your area, then it is the sport which can make it happen. You will want to balance your efforts with limited cardiovascular exercise on your non-weightlifting days to keep overall health high. Are you ready to join the men who know what power is all about? Hit it heavy, hit it hard, and know you are at the peak of your power.

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