Jun 262011

The Powertec Workbench series of equipment is an innovation in the fitness industry. It’s not just the undoubted robustness and reliability of a Powertec power rack that makes it a best seller; its modularization is its main selling point over its competitors.

There are currently two models of power racks available from Powertec, the full and half rack. Each offers a little something different in terms of use. The WB-HR11 half rack can accommodate 700 lbs of weight while the WB-PR11 full rack can take up to 1000 lbs of weight and 400 lbs on the pull-up bar. It’s also worth noting that the pull-up is ergonomically correct in shape; not just a straight bar. Saber spotters also come with both racks.

However, both have been designed such that additional components can easily be added, which then form an integral part of the rack. Each Powertec rack can be fitted with an optional Lat Tower so you can, in addition to lifting barbell weights, perform lat pulldowns. Its weight capacity is an impressive 300 lbs.

The WB-MP11 utility bench is also easily slotted in. With this addition you can perform many more exercises. But, it gets even better. Additional components can also be added to the bench itself. These include, Leg Lift, Curl Machine, Leg Press, Dip Machine and Pec Fly accessory.

Most opinions on both Powertec Workbench power racks are very positive. The overwhelming feeling is that you get very good value for your money – to get a better rack you would need to think about purchasing a commercial-grade unit and pay a commercial-grade price. If there is any negative points raised it tends to be about height. If you’re 6 foot you may find the full rack a little on the short side.

When you purchase the Powertec power rack in either full or half version you can keep it simple and get on with your barbell work in complete safety or, you can add as many of the additional components you want and have yourself a complete home gym.

Robert Mangan is guest author and owner of FitnessLyceum.com an authorized retailer of Powertec Fitness. You can find out more about the Powertec Power Rack by visiting the website.

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