Jul 062010

What muscles is your body going to need during pregnancy? Pregnancy and delivery require strong core muscles. You are supporting more weight on your body, and experiencing new challenges in maintaining good posture, and avoiding a sore back. Prenatal Pilates can help you prepare for the physical challenges ahead.

Think about what carrying a baby in your womb actually does to your body. Your stomach is growing, attempting to make your spine bend in new ways as the pressure and weight of the baby moves your center of gravity forward. Your hips begin to widen, and your leg joints become a little looser in preparation for delivery. With the baby pushing down on your pelvis, your circulation can be reduced to your lower extremities.

What is Pilates designed to do? Pilates is designed to help you strengthen your core, maintain a balanced straight spine, increase flexibility, and improve circulation. Take the list of benefits from this Prenatal Pilates plan and compare it to the negative effects of pregnancy. What becomes quickly apparent is Pilates overcomes almost every facet of the problems created being pregnant.

Pilates is going to give you even bigger benefits when it comes time for labor and delivery. Your core will be strong, your body flexible, and you will have developed great mental control of both your body and your breathing. These factors will help when you are battling through the pain of a contraction, and then needing the energy and power to push to deliver your baby. It is much easier to enjoy your moment when you are working with a strong, fit, and ready body, rather than battling against an unprepared body. Using Pilates to build up your strong core will give you many advantages

If you have already been practicing Pilates before becoming pregnant, just keep up with your normal routine, and modify it slightly as you feel the need. You already have developed a good sense of your body. For women who are wanting to start Pilates and are already pregnant, first check with your Doctor. They are almost certain to give you their approval, but may have some recommended restrictions for you. Your Pilates instructor will help you adjust your routines to be safe, and to give you the best benefits in preparing for the changes in your body. It is very important you discuss your pregnancy with your instructor. They will want to keep a little closer eye on you and your routines during classes. They have probably worked with pregnant women before, and may have some added exercises they would like you to try to give you even more benefits.

Prenatal Pilates is the ideal way to prepare your body and maintain it during pregnancy. All the normal issues created by pregnancy are nearly a perfect match for the benefits you gain from practicing Pilates. No pregnancy and delivery is easy, but with Pilates training it can be much smoother and enjoyable.

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