Jul 062010

Resistance band exercises are one of the best ways to get great strength conditioning while keeping the heavy weights out of the house. Resistance bands are often recommended by Doctors, Rehabilitation Therapists, and Sports Trainers to help their patients and clients increase their strength during recovery from injuries. It is not only great for rehabilitating injuries, but for building better muscle strength and preventing injuries.

Resistance band exercises are available to work every portion of your body making them a highly effective piece of exercise equipment. These bands are great for taking on the road with you, too. Many exercisers love to keep a set of bands in their suitcase to take on vacation with them. Even though they may not have access to a gym they can still get a great workout for all their body parts. Here are a few examples of the exercises you can do with resistance bands.

For your upper back you can do lat pulls. You hold the resistance band in front of you with both hands at about chest level. Gripping the bands tightly stretch the bands outward using pulling your elbows back towards your spinal cord. Make sure to contract your upper back muscles tightly at the end of your pull and hold the contraction for a few seconds before releasing the contraction.

One of the best resistance band exercises for your legs is squats. Place the bands under your feet and grip one side in each hand. Make sure the band is lightly stretched while you are in the crouched position and then stand using your legs to stretch the resistance bands. Tense your muscles at the top of the stretch, then lower down and repeat for 10 to 15 reps. Rest a moment and then do another set.

For your arms you can do biceps curls using the resistance bands. Again place the bands under your feet, and in a standing position grasp one band in each hand. Curl your arms up at the elbow pulling against the resistance of the band. When you have your arm fully bent contract the muscle fully to get the best results from your efforts.

Doing just your biceps on the front of your arm would be very incomplete. You need to exercise the triceps muscle, too. The best exercise to target the triceps is to hold the band in both hands in front of your chest with your elbows raised and bent with your hands near each other. Holding tightly on to the band, straighten one arm pulling with the muscles on the back of your arm. Repeat with the one arm 10 to 15 times, then switch arms.

As you can see it is easy to work almost any body part using resistance band exercises. The resistance band is one of the easiest to use and effective home training devices you can have. It may not be as effective as using weights, but takes little room, and is an exercise you will have fun doing in any room in the house.

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