Mar 122010

Nowadays, when somebody is out of shape, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lazy. More often than not, it’s simply the person’s lifestyle that precludes them from devoting much time to staying fit and healthy… or at least that’s what you’ll hear as an excuse. Yes, it’s true that today’s way of living is far more fast-paced and busier than it was a few decades ago, but still – saying that you have absolutely no time to look out for your health is ridiculous!

Especially when you consider the various options you have to lose weight at home. You don’t even need any sophisticated fitness equipment to make the best out of the experience – though of course, a bench or treadmill won’t hurt. But if you’re limited to what the common household provides you, don’t worry – there’s still plenty you can do to retain your figure!

There are several exercises which can contribute to your health a great deal and can be performed without any extra equipment. The most popular of these, when it comes to losing weight at home, are the sit-ups. Sit-ups are great, because they target the abdominal area, burning fat at one of the places where it matters the most, the belly. They’re not hard to perform, though after a while, you may begin to feel less challenged by the exercise – when this happens, try to spice it up a bit by increasing the difficulty – find a sloped surface and lay with your feet elevated slightly, this will make it a bit tougher on your muscles.

Push-ups are also great for staying in shape without leaving the house. Unlike sit-ups, they target the upper muscle groups of your body, making them a good supplement to sit-ups. As with sit-ups, there are several ways to increase the difficulty of push-ups. You can try doing “diamond push-ups”, which involves clenching your hands in a diamond-like shape (hence the name), with your palms spread out and thumbs facing inwards. This will put a lot more strain on your muscles, and make the exercise noticeably tougher.

And if you feel really confident, you can also try clapping your hands while your body is in the air – it’s one of the hardest ways to perform push-ups, and if you can manage it on a regular basis, this is a good sign of your health status.

Make sure you utilize the time spent at home to its fullest, too – there’s no excuse for eating out at the fast food place when you’re spending time at home. Even if you’ve never touched a frying pan in your life, it’s a skill that anyone can learn and it’s never too late – so grab a cooking book, or open a cooking website, and find out what you can whip yourself up – you’d be surprised how good food tastes when you’ve cooked it yourself, and more importantly, when you know it’s actually good for you.

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