May 272010

Ladies, lifting weights is for you. You may have all kinds of fears about how it is going to change your body, but do you really know the facts? Strength training for women will give you tremendous benefits you can only begin to imagine.

One of the biggest concerns women express about lifting weights is muscle size. They have seen pictures of massive female bodybuilders, muscular female wrestlers, and large female Olympic athletes. They have no desire to look like any of these women. Unless you are planning to take drugs, massive amounts of supplements, or train for hours everyday, you have nothing to worry about. Start thinking more in terms of bodies like figure skaters, Olympic divers, and dancers.

Another myth some women hear is weight lifting will increase their breast size. You may want to take a look at those pictures of female bodybuilders, figure athletes, and gymnasts. It is very rare to find them with large breasts. Breast tissue is primarily fatty tissue, and strength training for women does not increase your fat percentage, it decreases it. One thing which may give your breasts a larger appearance is the fact the rest of your body will become slimmer. Another factor is the fact your breasts will have better muscular support which could give you a more perky or raised appearance. Do not expect changes in cup size, it will not happen.

What will strength training do for you? You will have a firm, tight, beautiful body. You will have a bounce in your step and amazing amounts of energy. Tasks and activities you avoided in the past will suddenly look like fun. A strong body gives you more options. You are going to feel sexy and in control. Not only do you feel sexy, you will look sexy. Clothes will fit your body the way you always hoped for. Going shopping for a bathing suit will be exciting, not dreaded. Summer will become your favorite season because you can wear the shorts, skirts, and sleeveless tops and they all look great.

What is the downside to lifting weights and strength training? You will not have excuses any more. When someone asks you to go hiking you will not be able to say “I am not really up to that.” When a gentleman asks you to go swimming you will not be hearing the little voice in your head making excuses because of the way your body looks. You will smile knowing he is going to be staring at you. The only negative, you may become stronger than some of the men in your office or workplace. You may break their hearts when you open the jar of pickles they are struggling with.

Strength training for women is the best way to reshape your body. You will create a body which women envy, and men find beautiful. Along with your new body comes one fringe benefit, amazing personal confidence. Forget the myths, change your life.

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