Choosing LA Fitness to Increase Fitness and Improve Your Attitude

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Feb 042012

LA Fitness centers from outside appearances seem to be like every other fitness club around. They are packed with the best fitness equipment, aerobics classes, and all the things you would want, but there is a subtle difference.

The LA Fitness Difference Starts with Attitude

The difference is in the attitude you discover when you enter a LA Fitness center. How often have you walked into an exercise center and were completely ignored. You walked around looking at all of the gear and felt overwhelmed. You saw people participating in classes but you had no idea how to get started. They were excited to get you signed up, but then the staff’s enthusiasm died.

At LA Fitness you will encounter trainers, receptionists, and managers who live and breathe the fitness business. They are doing the job they love and it shows. They welcome you into the building and start asking you questions. You do not feel deserted. You will be shown around the facility and all the equipment is clearly explained. The best part is the time they take to discuss your fitness goals and to help you plan out a workout plan to get started.

If you want a little extra help every LA Fitness center has personal trainers on staff who can work with you one-on-one to get you up to speed fast. There is a big advantage to using a personal trainer as you get started. It is called motivation. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing someone is waiting to meet you at the fitness center to coach you through a training session. You will not be tempted to put off working out. You get ready. You get to the fitness center and you meet your goals. Consider this option when you start out to improve your success.

Enjoy Working Out with Other Beginning or Advanced Members

One thing which will really excite you about your membership at LA Fitness is the fact all of their group classes are included in your monthly membership fees. You can join in a kickboxing class, yoga, tai chi, aerobics, aqua fit, boot camp, or many other group offerings.

Being part of a group can make exercise more fun and push you to workout harder. You will feel challenged by the instructors and your desire to keep up with other class members. Keep in mind you should always set your own pace dependent on your fitness level. Your LA Fitness instructor will remind you of this fact and pays attention to their students during exercise sessions.

Diversity is one of the most important aspects of staying focused on your fitness goals. You need to be able to change up your routines and keep your excitement high. LA Fitness offers more choices for working out than anyone. You can swim laps, jog around a track, lift weights, perform aerobics, play racquetball, or dozens of other methods of getting fit you can choose from, also.

LA Fitness provides a great balance between price, equipment, and the interactive help you need. When you get everything you need for a low price you attitude stays great and you stay committed to your fitness goals.

Jan 222012

La Fitness is a chain of fitness clubs with millions of members across the United States and Canada. They started back in 1984 with just one club, and now have over 500 locations.

They are known as a “super gym”, meaning that they have lots of facilities in each gym, such as swimming pools, squash and basketball courts etc, as well as the usual weight and cardio equipment. This means that La Fitness is well suited to cater for anyone, of any fitness level.

Below is a brief run down of what you will find in a typical La Fitness center.

Free Weights: LA Fitness have a wide variety of free weights available. They start at a very light weight, suitable for women or the elderly, up to extremely heavy weights that a bodybuilder would use. Free weight exercises are one of the best for toning and overall fitness. Free weights include such things as dumbbells and barbells.

Cardio Machines: The cardio area is the go-to spot for weight loss, and fat burning. That’s why cardio machines are a must for any gym. LA Fitness has a wide variety of machines, such as treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, bikes, and stair climbers. There are plenty of high quality machines that will be enough to satisfy even the most picky of cardio bunnies.

Group Classes: Sometimes when working out, it’s hard to get motivated. That’s why group classes are ideal because when you are in a group, you don’t want to be the first person to stop so you push yourself harder. All La Fitness gyms will have classes like aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, spinning and more. Before you join a group class, make sure you do a lot of stretching, as they can be very intense and you don’t want to pull a muscle. Some classes will cost extra, but many are included in your monthly gym membership.

Swimming Pool: Swimming is one of the best cardio workouts to lose weight because you use your entire body, both upper and lower. It is also low impact, which means there is less stress on your joints and thus less chance of injury. The swimming pools at LA Fitness have three or more lanes, and the water quality is monitored regularly.

Basketball and Racquetball Courts: Basketball workouts are fantastic as cardio. LA Fitness also caters to basketball teams and leagues. If you are into racquetball, their facilities have hard-wood floors spanning the entire length, and glass that is shatter proof for your safety.

Spa and Sauna: After a tough workout, you can wind down and relax in La Fitness’s spa and sauna. Spas are usually found near the swimming pool, and the saunas are segregated and can be found in the mens or ladies locker rooms.

Personal Training: In order to achieve the best you can, some people like to hire personal trainers to help them. You might be concerned about the cost of personal trainers, but if you can afford it, it’s well worth the money. LA Fitness has well trained and qualified trainers that can help you improve your fitness.

Although these are great benefits that every LA Fitness gym offers, there are some downsides to using a large scale chain gym. You may want a more “personal” gym, where you can get to know other members. Smaller gyms with fewer clients will have a more “family” feel, and if this is what you prefer, than a large fitness center like LA Fitness may not be right for you. But if you like having a lot of facilities under the one roof, then give LA Fitness a try.