Jul 062010

Which thigh problem are you suffering from? Do you have skinny legs, or do you have fat jiggly legs? Either one of these problems can be made to disappear when you use the proper thigh exercises, and give your legs a great workout.

You can look all over the place and see specialty workouts claiming to target building up skinny legs, or trimming down fat legs, but were you aware both people are facing almost an identical issue? Both a person with flabby legs and a person with skinny legs are lacking muscle in their legs. Muscle is what creates the shape, the beauty, and the structure of the leg. For both of you, the answer is simply adding a few of the most important thigh exercises into a daily routine.

Before you get the two simple exercises you need to be doing, we need to cover an important topic which does separate the two types of legs, nutritional needs. If you are one of the people with flabby legs you must reduce your body fat a little to make your legs become truly fantastic. This means cutting back a little on the calories, especially on the sweets and fatty foods. Did you just give a big sigh of relief? You are right, it does not require an exhaustive plan of starving yourself, just cut back a little and you will be off to a great start.

Now, for those of you with skinny legs, your nutritional needs are a little different. You need to eat a little more. Not more fats and more sweets, but more proteins and complex carbohydrates like pasta, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes. In order for your legs to grow and develop is going to require the proper building blocks. Let us make this easy for you. Take along a couple snacks to work with you which include some cheese, hard boiled eggs, or other proteins, and some form of complex carbohydrate. Make sure to eat those two snacks in addition to any other food you would normally eat. This should give you an added boost in nutrition which will help fuel the growth.

For our two exercises we are going to focus on thigh exercises for the front and back of the leg. For the front of the leg you need to be doing squats. This is the most effective exercise to target your quadriceps. For the hamstrings you must have a curling, or leg bending, exercise. We will keep this simple and use hamstring curls.

Squats are perhaps the easiest exercise in the world to perfect. You are simply squatting down to a sitting position, and then powering back up, while maintaining a straight back and upright head. Do these for 3 sets, with approximately 10 to 15 repetitions in each set. As this become easy add weight to continue to build muscle, which thins fat legs, and builds up skinny legs.

Hamstring curls can be performed most easily on a weight machine, with a leg curl attachment. For anyone without a weight bench you can lay on your back with your feet on a chair, drive your heels downward into to chair, bending your knees and using your hamstrings to lift your body. Do 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. Add weight as the exercise becomes easy.

With just minor adjustments to your diet these two thigh exercises can thin or build your upper legs. Your legs can be turned into a work of art.

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