Jul 062010

Girls, what part of your body do you want to tone the most? If you are like most women the answer probably came back as a single body part. Your answer may have been your stomach, your legs, your buttocks, or maybe your arms. The real method to getting a great looking body is to quit targeting one area and start using toning exercises for women for your entire body.

When you attempt to train only one area of your body to tone it up, you are doing yourself very little good. When you work to create the entire package by toning your entire body you increase the effects on the body part you wanted to target, and create the body you really are dreaming about. Let us take a quick inventory of your body, and discuss exercises to target each area.

Starting at the top, do not overlook the importance of your neck. Do stretching exercises for your neck in all four major directions. This can help firm the muscles, increase flexibility, and give you a better looking neck.

Women’s arms are a trouble spot for many ladies. Toning your arms is easy by doing simple exercises with hand weights. For the front of your arms do curling motions, bending your arms completely, compressing the muscle at the top of the bend. For the back of your arms to kick backs. This requires bending at the waist, keeping the elbow against your body, then straightening the arm backwards in a kicking motion with the weight.

For your chest the easiest exercise is simple push-ups. If doing them with straight legs is too difficult, do the push-ups from your knees. For the upper back use your hand weights again, bend over and do a rowing motion pulling the weights into your chest.

Toning exercises for women requires a strong middle in your stomach and lower back. Do crunches for you stomach, they are much safer than sit-ups and more effective. For your lower back do Good Mornings. These are done by standing, keeping a straight back, bending deeply at the waist, and then straightening again. This exercise also strengthens the hamstrings and the buttock muscles, a good 3 in 1 exercise.

Moving down to your legs, instead of just taking care of one part let us get a full leg workout. The lunge is one of the finest toning exercises for women. The lunge is done by taking a step forward with one foot, bending deeply on the front knee, and then pushing back up. Do several reps with one leg then rotate to the other leg being in front. This exercise workings the calf muscles, frontal thigh, hamstrings and buttock muscles.

Just these few toning exercises for women will give you a full body workout, giving you a balanced strong body. When you train your full body you accelerate the effects on the portion of your body you really want to target, making it improve rapidly. Get started today, and look great fast.

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