Sep 012010

When you think about impressive male bodies which muscles do you think about? The focus usually centers around the chest, arms and abs. Upper body weight training is the core of creating a body which makes women stare, and other men feel jealous. Do you know the right exercises to get started with to build those impressive muscles?

Your upper body consists of many groups of muscles you need to target individually in order to create a great looking balanced body. These groups include your chest, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, and upper back. You need to further separate your upper arms into the front and back, the biceps and triceps, for a targeted workout.

You can work your entire upper body in one workout. You want to work the largest muscles first, and then move on to the smaller muscle groups. Here is one plan for your upper body weight training workout.

Each exercise will consist of 3 sets, with the first set being a lighter set to warm up the muscles. The next two sets should step up the weight progressively with the final set being your heaviest resulting in near failure on the final repetition. Here are the basic exercises for a well rounded starting workout routine.

Chest – Bench Press – Focus on using your chest muscles for this lift, do not allow your arms become the primary focus.

Triceps (Rear of Upper Arms) – Close Grip Bench Press – This movement is identical to the bench press, but by bringing the hands close together you change the focus to your arms. Change your mental focus to use your triceps to accomplish this lift, also.

Upper Back (Latissimus Dorsi and Trapezius) – Lat Pull Downs – This exercise requires the use of a cable pull down system and can be replaced with bent over barbell rows if needed. While your arms are used, you must focus the pulling motion into your back muscles by pulling your shoulders back and squeezing the muscles.

Biceps – (Front of Upper Arms) – Barbell Curls – This is the most basic exercise for the biceps muscles and allows handling the greatest amount of weight. Keep your back straight and do not sway with the lift. You want to focus the entire movement into your biceps muscle.

Forearms – Wrist Curls – Wrist curls need to be done with the hands in both the palm up and palm down positions. This allows you to work both sides of your forearms.

Shoulders – Dumbbell Press – On this press it is important to keep your elbows out to the side to help focus the lift into the shoulders. You do not want this to turn into a workout for your tricep muscle. Mental focus on the muscle is critical.

As you have noticed mental focus is a critical element to improved workouts. You need to learn to focus your workout into the muscle being trained to get the ultimate advantage of your upper body weight training. By doing only these few simple exercises you will lay the foundation and the muscle mass to create an impressive upper body. Do not forget to work the rest of your body, impressive arms, chest, and back muscles look very out of place on a week mid-body and lower body.

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