May 272010

Water aerobic exercises are the best way to give your body a superior workout. The other big advantage to water exercise is the low impact it puts on your body. The low impact exercise is highly beneficial to the elderly, people who have joint injuries, are recovering from surgery, or even people who are overweight.

Have you ever noticed how impressive the bodies of Olympic swimmers, divers, water polo players, and rhythmic swimmers appear? Their bodies are lean, muscular, and in fantastic shape. Their bodies are sculpted by the resistance of water. Water gives you a gentle and controllable resistance which helps you sculpt your body into the appearance people admire. Body appearance is not the most important reason to follow a program of water aerobic exercises, though.

The best reason to start a program of water aerobics is because of the health benefits it gives your heart. Your heart will respond to the aerobic exercise, improving your circulation, and your total cardiovascular health. While you are working out intensely, building a stronger healthier body, you will not be taking the severe pounding of a high impact aerobics program. Another amazing benefit is how you will feel while working out. Instead of dripping in sweat you will be staying cool. If you think doing aerobics in an air conditioned gym with a fan blowing across your body feels great, think how much better it feels when the perspiration is washed away with water. You will not even realize you are perspiring.

The fact you are not aware of your perspiration is one thing you need to stay very aware of. Just because you do not feel it, does not mean your body requires less fluid intake. You need to make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water or sports drinks during and after your workout. If you do not take time to stay hydrated you will feel the effects quickly. You could start feeling light headed or a little ill. Take care of yourself during any type of intensive exercise.

Water aerobics exercises follow very similar movements to any other kind of aerobic exercise except in slow motion. You cannot move nearly as quickly in the water as in the air. This is due to the resistance of the water and is one of the big benefits. You will build stronger muscles, while giving yourself a very effective workout. Your joints do not take the beating they do from other forms of aerobics.

It is even more gentle than a low impact aerobics routine. This is the reason if you are a little older, battling joint injuries, or have other health concerns you should enrol in a water aerobics class. These classes will help you strengthen your body. After building your strength and improving your overall health you may be able to move on to other forms of aerobics if you wish. You will probably learn you love the water aerobics so much you will never wish to change.

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