Sep 012010

Ready to pound some iron? Are you ready to make your muscles grow and begin shaping them to fit your goals? You know the sweat is going to be pouring off your body as you workout. Your hands are damp. The bar is heavy. Without proper weight lifting grips you are putting yourself in danger of very serious accidents which can bring your workout plans to a halt for days, months, or even years. Grips are an essential accessory for your own safety.

Your hands are probably already strong enough to handle the weight of the bar to maintain your safety, but when sweat has made them wet your grip can slip. Weight lifting grips come in several varieties to help you overcome the safety risks associated with handling heavy free weights.

One of the best styles of weight lifting grips is weight lifting gloves. The advantage of gloves is you put them on before your workout and keep them on until you are finished. No worrying about grabbing other items or looking for the grips when you are preparing to to lift heavy weights. The disadvantage to weight lifting gloves is they can be a little hot, and you may not want them on for every lift. Lifts you feel comfortable with, like cable rows, with little risk of injury do not require you wear gloves and can increase your grip strength without them. Strapping gloves on and off during a workout may be a little annoying.

If you prefer quick to grab and use grips you do not need to wear try weight lifting grips like the Paw Sponge hand grips. These grips are small squares of 1/4” thick absorbent sponge rubber which your wrap around the bar or cable pulls. They mold to your hand as you squeeze down giving you a powerful non-slip grip.

If you are wanting a grip with total performance in mind you might want to try grips which are molded into shape and a harder hand protecting surface. An example of this style is the Lynx Performance Grips. They give you unparalleled gripping power with extra protection for your hands.

Grips are not only for safety but allow you to lift heavier weights, too. Often the weakest link in our lifts is our grip. We cannot challenge our body parts to the maximum because we cannot control the extra weight. With great weight lifting grips you have extra holding power and can push your muscles to the extreme which leads to more power, more growth, and a more impressive body.

As you start looking for weight lifting grips for your workouts do not overlook bars which have deeper gripping patterns. These can help you have added gripping strength even without lifting gloves or other lifting grips. Even when you use gloves or grips the deeper patterns allow you to get a deeper and tighter grip on the bar. Gripping strength comes down to hand power, proper bar selection, and choosing weight lifting grips to enhance your strength.

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