Sep 012010

Every power athlete should enter a new gym with a sign which reads, “Wanted Excellent Help in Power Training”. No matter who you are, how strong you are, and how much of a loner you are, you need help in the gym. Weight lifting help is not a cop out, it is an essential to the best workouts possible.

Guys, we have a terrible habit of wanting to accomplish tasks on our own, which is a great trait in most cases. When you are trying to build a body based on power, symmetry, and strength it is complete insanity to not accept help.

Let us explore a few facts about weight lifting and building muscle mass. To build massive muscles you must push your muscles to adapt. You can only do this by pushing them to places they have never been before. This means overloading your muscles and capabilities. This means putting yourself at minor risk in many lifts, also.

When you want to build a massive chest you are going to be doing heavy bench presses, very heavy. If you really want to make a major impact on the size and strength of your chest you need to work to failure. It is impossible to work to failure without spotters. Having weight lifting help in the form of spotters is crucial to success in this core exercise.

If you think the bench press gets heavy, stop and think about how much weight you will be moving in the squat. Imagine getting deep into a rep and not being able to power back up out of it. Spotters are critical to safety and squeezing out those last few reps.

Weight lifting help is not only for spotting, but for learning proper form, too. You may have read the instructions, seen some static pictures, but until you see it in person, try it yourself, and get critiqued there is not way to know how good your form and execution really is. Getting the most out of every rep can only be accomplished with great form and isolating the primary muscle properly. This form of weight lifting help should come from a trainer, or from a highly experienced lifter. Average lifters use bad form, great lifters use great form. Be a great lifter.

The best bodybuilders, power lifters, and strength athletes do not work in a vacuum. They talk to other athletes, coaches, and trainers to learn more about training and nutrition. What you may believe to be true could be completely wrong. Asking an expert can keep you on the right track getting your muscles and strength growing rapidly. Simple changes to diet, technique, or workout plans can make big differences in your performance.

Weight lifting help is not isolated to lifting and nutrition either. Your mental state is highly critical. Find other lifters who are motivated, positive, and pumped up about lifting and you will become that way, too. Your mental attitude has more impact on your workout than having the perfect diet. When your mental state is great you can overcome obstacles, barriers, and plateaus. When your mental game is right everything else is just details to be filled in. Put it all together and you will have success beyond all those average lifters running around the gym.

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