Sep 012010

Working out with heavy weights at home can be accompanied with all kinds of risks. It means you likely are not training with a partner, so do not have a spotter. Your caution levels must increase, but many times this is still not enough. A good weight lifting system for your home can allow you to train with maximum effort and still maintain a high level of safety.

When taking about a weight lifting system understand this is not a simple home gym. This is a home gym which has grown up and is ready for big boy action and effort. A great weight lifting setup is going to be designed to work with an Olympic weight lifting bar and plates. They are designed for heavy duty lifting, effort, and safety.

Think about one of the most dangerous exercises you can perform by yourself, the bench press. When you are working out at home and trying to build a massive chest a simple bench is not enough. You cannot push yourself to the limit with a simple bench without taking the risk of dropping the entire weight on your chest. With a great system like Marcy’s Diamond Elite Smith System, or many others, your bench press location is lined with numerous stops to offload the weight at any sticking point. You have a final stop which is just above chest height to prevent the danger of having the weight stuck on you. The level of safety in lifting goes up dramatically.

The same is true for another heavy duty exercise the squat. When you load your Olympic weight lifting bar to do some heavy squats you need to know you can get out at any level. A high quality weight lifting system will have numerous stops in the squat rack to allow you easy unloading of the weight. No more fears of getting stuck at the bottom and needing to risk an unsafe drop of the weight.

The other differences you find in a system built for heavy lifters is in all the pulley attachments. Those little home gyms are often limited to 50 to 100 pounds on the pulley system. As we all know this is a waste of time. We could move that with our little finger, if not today, in a few weeks. A full blown weight lifting system will be designed with pulleys, cables, and plate holders designed to hold hundreds of pounds. Many systems use cables rated to handle 2000 pounds. These are weights we will never lift, but give us room to grow and a level of safety we need for working out alone.

As you can see a true weight lifting system is about as close to a home gym as your body is to a skinny 10 year old boys. By buying a system you can workout at home with confidence, power, and complete safety. The biggest advantage is in your ability to grow, improve, and keep moving forward in your weight training never hitting those tiny limits imposed by a simple home gym.

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