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Are you ready to start lifting weights at home? You need to plan ahead and think about your needs before you run out and buy your weight training equipment. If you buy on a whim you are likely to end up with equipment which becomes a great coat rack.

Weight training equipment comes in a wide variety of styles, capabilities, and cost. Before considering any equipment it is time to define what you are trying to accomplish. What are your goals in lifting weights?

If you are setting up a home fitness area for overall fitness, then buying an all in one home gym may be your perfect solution. It helps eliminate having weights and bars lying around the house getting in the way. You have increased safety because all the weight stations have safety stops and are controlled through pulley systems or tension rods. You never have the full weight of the bar and weights over your skull or chest. You can find many great home gyms to fill your needs priced from just over five hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars. For the higher prices you get more weight, and more exercise stations.

The offsetting disadvantage to a home gym shows up when you are wanting to train to the extreme. Bodybuilders, powerlifters, and football players would probably find a home gym very restrictive. The weights provided in most home gym systems are not high enough. The safety features often get in the way of full range of motion. Free weights engage more supporting muscles causing greater increases in muscle mass and strength. Buying a home gym which holds enough weight for a power athlete is very cost prohibitive often jumping up to prices approaching three to five thousand dollars.

Weight training equipment for power athletes is almost always free weights. You will want to check into buying Olympic weight lifting bars, weight benches designed to work with the Olympic bar, and Olympic plates. You may want to buy a variety of cast dumbbells in a wide variety of weights. Having dumbbells you do not need to change plates on allows for rapid changes in workouts and keeping your muscles fully pumped and engaged.

If you are in the first category and going to buy an all-in-one home gym for your weight lifting equipment make sure it fills all your needs. It must have a bench which allows bench presses, a squat station, a leg curl station, and pulley systems for lat pull downs and other pulling exercises.

If you are just getting started out with weight training and want a simple well rounded workout go ahead and take a look at the home gym. If you progress beyond the capacity of the gym you will discover used gyms sell very easily and you can buy free weights in the future. The most important decision is to go ahead and get started. Your muscles and strength will never grow sitting at the computer, it requires getting busy on your new weight training equipment.

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  1. After spending thousands on my own home gym, I found that I could do all the exercises I need with my own body weight, a bench, and a few dumbbells! Sometimes I learn things the hard way!

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