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You watch as some women walk across a room sensually, seeming to glide effortlessly. Their bodies are lean, beautifully shaped, and sexy. One thing most of these women have in common is they have discovered the importance of weight training for women.

Weight training for women does not create big bulging muscles like develop on a man. Instead you develop a sculpted, lean, and sexy body. You can look like a professional dancer, gymnast, or competitive swimmer. Your body will be noticed.

There are a few very important items you should know as you get started in weight training. First, your nutritional needs are going to change. Where you could eat a simple balanced diet before, now you are going to need to feed the muscles a little differently. You need additional protein to help the muscles repair between workouts. You need to eat enough complex carbohydrates to fuel your workouts.

Another fact about weight training you need to understand is the idea of progressive improvement. You will see many sets of weights designed for women which offer only one weight. You buy a set of 5 pound dumbbells and they are supposed to be good for everything. Do not buy into this idea. You need adjustable weights if you wish to see improvement in your strength and your body shape. Muscles change and adapt only through being challenged progressively. You want to endeavor to increase the weight you are lifting slightly each week.

Beware of one of the biggest myths about weight training. You cannot turn your fat into muscle. You can replace your fat with muscle. You need to take careful control of your diet to lose the fat, while you build lean muscle. The lean muscle will be smaller and look fabulous compared to the fatty tissue you lose. The process is very simple, lose fat, gain muscle.

Weight training can help you lose fat. While weight training for women is not specifically targeted to cause fat loss, you will discover with the increase in lean muscle you metabolism becomes faster and you burn more calories. Assuming you are consuming the same amount of calories you will lose weight.

You might be tempted to only lift weights for body parts you consider to be problem areas. One piece of advice, do not do it. Plan your workouts to cover all parts of your body. Ideally separate your body into upper and lower halves. Do your strength training three days each week. As an example on your first week do upper body weight training on Monday and Friday. On Wednesday to your lower body training. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday should be used to do aerobic training to improve your overall condition and cardiovascular fitness. The next week switch your weight training around. Do lower body on Monday and Friday, with upper body on Wednesday. This schedule gives your muscles time to heal and rebuild.

Weight training for women is an essential part of making your body sensual, lean, strong, and beautiful. It is nearly impossible to sculpt your body to meet the vision you have in mind without weight training.

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  1. Hi im michelle and i want to lose weight gain muscles look wonderful in my early 30s. what are some good carbohydrates for me. I workout daily for one hour workout DVDs (hip hop abs) thank you

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