Sep 012010

Walking through most fitness centers you will see all the weight equipment in heavy usage. The funny thing is the quality of bodies on much of this equipment. The bodies are not powerful looking, they are not lean and ripped, they just look somewhat fit. What are they doing wrong? Weight training is not all in the weight room, much of it happens in two more critical places.

One of the two big problems you will find with many people working out in the gyms is their nutrition. Their weight training is excellent. They hit the weights religiously but never seem to make great gains. They struggle for every added rep and every added pound on their lifts. They are getting in great shape, but not changing their shape much.

When you are weight training you are tearing down your muscles. You must provide them with the proper building blocks to rebuild properly or you simply end up with over-trained muscles which gets you stuck on a plateau. Your muscles can only make a certain amount of gain in power and size without great nutrition.

Your nutrition must include plenty of protein, shooting to get approximately .75 to 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. This easiest way to keep your calories down and get plenty of protein is to use a protein supplement. Powdered varieties are ideal, but you must keep a close eye on the amount of sugars and unnecessary fillers in the mixture.

As you progress and need even more muscle growing nutrition you can explore HGH Boosters, Creatine, Amino Acid Stacks, and other nutritional supplements.

The other area these weight training fanatics often miss is right between their ears. They are pounding away on the bench doing their bench press. Their back arches, their arm muscles are fully engaged struggling to lift the weight. Their effort looks tremendous, and it is. The problem is they are focusing the exercise on everything wrong. Are you guilty of this? Focus on form and even more importantly focus on the target muscle. When you are doing a bench press mentally crush the weight upward with the pull of your chest muscles against your arms. Feel the pull, and then flex the chest muscle fully at the top of the lift. Focus on lowering slowly allowing the chest muscle to control the weight all the way down.

By changing your mental focus you change the effort in the muscle you intend to develop and the change in growth and power can be tremendous.

The real magic is when your weight training is hitting on all three legs of a great program. You are working out with intensity. Your mental focus is in place and provides you with excellent technique and isolation. You feed your muscles the proper nutrition with plenty of protein. When these three legs are all in place your muscle mass and power will increase, it is the formula to success.

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