May 112010

Building and maintaining a healthy and strong body encompasses various elements, some of which often get overlooked by people – and not just beginners, more advanced and proficient bodybuilders sometimes tend to ignore the importance of some auxiliary tools and activities which can greatly contribute to developing your body. Take massages for example – most people are probably aware of their benefits, at least to some extent – but how many utilize this potential for their own gain? Not a lot. And if you’re not getting your regular massage therapy, you’re depriving your body of many benefits!

When talking about massage as a means of therapy, there are generally a few popular types of massage techniques, one of which is the so-called “Swedish Massage” – it’s interesting to note that the term seems to be of rather ambiguous origin, as most Swedes aren’t aware of that specific name. Regardless, it’s one of the most prominent types of massage, and also one of the most popular (and thus widely available) as well. The Swedish massage is mainly characterized by its long strokes with a steady flow. It’s very useful for treating pain and stiffness, as well as dealing with various muscle and joint conditions.

One of the most noticeable benefits of Swedish massage though, is the improvement in blood circulation. The massage incorporates various techniques that are aimed at dilating your blood vessels – so if you’re experiencing problems related to your blood flow, you should notice a hue improvements in this area alone. Proper blood circulation is crucial for achieving a general state of well-being, as it improves the rate at which oxygen reaches your organs, while also allowing your body to deal with toxins and other harmful substances much more quickly and reliably.

Your muscles tend to build up a lot of pressure during workout – and not only. Your body accumulates tension on a constant basis, and if you don’t help release it every so often, you’re going to notice some problems, the most noticeable of which is a constant feeling of being “down.” Massages, especially the Swedish massage, go a great length towards getting rid of built-up muscle tension, and this is in fact the primary reason for many people to regularly visit their massagist.

Releasing your muscles’ tension will not only help you feel better and more relaxed, it will reflect on your workout performance as well – your muscles will be able to move around much more freely and easily, and you’ll feel more energetic and empowered. Last but not least, relaxed muscles make it far less likely for you to fall victim to any training injuries, and you’ll also need to warm up and stretch far less before working out, as your muscles will already be partly stretched and in a good condition for training.

It doesn’t take a lot – just get a regular massage every once in a while and you’ll notice a huge improvement!

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